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Build Better Products.


Mixpanel offers the most sophisticated, yet easy-to-use reports to find the root cause of user drop off and grow your business.

Uncover top paths to key user actions to help improve conversion rates. Identify high and low performing user segments and locate the steps that cause friction.


Uncover hidden trends


See where users drop off


Re-engage to boost conversion


Deeply engaged users find more value in your product and retain better. Mixpanel takes engagement analysis to new dimensions so you can analyze depth, breadth, and frequency of product usage.

The definition of active usage depends on your business. Mixpanel’s query builder lets you define metrics on your own terms, and compare how often (or how deeply) people engage with your product.


Measure active usage


Get users on the right path


Re-engage with in-product data


Mixpanel helps you dive deeper into your retention analysis to understand who retains better, and why.

How many users come back and experience value moments in your product again – and again? Monitor your retention rate and break down retention data by user behavior to prioritize product areas that move the needle.


Understand how users retain


Analyze the paths to customer loyalty


Identify cohorts likely to churn


ROI, increased revenue by improving customer LTV


A minimum cost of alternative approach: creating and maintaining an in-house data analytics solution


Average cost to organisations due to poor data quality. (Gartner 2021)


Productivity savings
with self-service capabilities
(faster funnel, retention, segmentation analysis)

mixpanel dashboard

Data Analytics

Why Mixpanel

With Mixpanel, digital businesses innovate faster by analyzing, measuring, and improving their product experiences—over and over again. Grow your business by providing more answers to more people.


Better products, faster:

Gather deeper insights about your product so you can build, measure, and learn quicker than ever. 


Powerful analytics for all:

Give people at all technical levels the ability to self-serve answers and make data-informed decisions.


Create product-led growth:

Know why users convert, engage, and retain so you can make product improvements that they love.


Launch with confidence:

Discover which feature releases, experiments, and engagement campaigns truly moved your metrics.

mixpanel dashboard
mixpanel dashboard

Customizable dashboards

Know how your metrics are trending

Use Mixpanel dashboards to monitor all of your product’s key performance indicators in one place. Unlike business intelligence (BI) dashboards, they’re easy to customize and the data updates in real time, so your whole team can make decisions with the latest numbers.


Real time alerts

Find downward trends before it’s too late.


Easy sharing

Keep your team in the loop.

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